The Perfect Day

Have you ever wondered how you’d spend your last day on Earth?

Over my favorite meal, pretzel bites and pizza, my fiancé and I mused over how we’d spend our final day on Earth.

During this discussion, I realized that my last day on Earth would be spent as a self-care day. I’d do the things that make me feel safe and happy. In the unlikely event that I’d feel moved to do my favorite things all day long without staring my mortality in the face, my day would look something like this:

I’d start the day as I usually do with deep breathes, sunlight and a deep attentiveness.

I’d move my body with some light stretching and yoga.

Next, I’d walk the dogs, enjoying the Vitamin D and fresh air (in my mind, the “perfect day” could only occur during early Fall or mid-Spring).

I’d have a bowl full of fresh and delicious fruits with a huge glass of water.

I’d sit down to read a nice book after having a long and energizing shower.

The cat and dogs would be in very cuddly moods and we’d drift off into a lazy and deep sleep.

I’d arise energized, ready to go on a late afternoon hike; we’d pack everything up and head out to embark on this journey.

After watching the sunset and getting thoroughly gross and disgusting from the walk, we’d head home to clean our paws and have a nice long shower.

I’d finish the day off with a massive pizza and mochi for dessert.

By 9:30pm, I’d be wrapped in blankets, falling asleep to an audiobook cocooned in the tantalizing scent of my favorite perfume.

Of course, throughout the day, I’d be spending time and energy reminding the people I love, just how much I love them.

And that would conclude my perfect day. My beautiful self-care day.

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