Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Happy Self-Love Sunday! I hope you feel loved, valued, supported and seen/heard.

Today is Valentine’s Day and for the first time in a long time, I am the center of my plans.

Each day, I’m learning new ways to love myself and prioritize myself without feeling guilty or saddened by it.

Whether you have plans with friends, family, a significant other, yourself, or anyone else, I hope you feel loved today and every day.

If today is hard for you (for whatever reason), I hope this post can be a reminder of the power you carry and the worthiness within your own presence.

If you haven’t yet mastered being a safe space for yourself, remember that healing isn’t linear. You will have hard days and you may even feel like you aren’t moving forward the way you hoped but anything worth doing will likely be difficult. Allow hard days to remind you of your humanity and the fact that resting is healthy and necessary.

If, for whatever reason, you’ve been dreading this day, remember that your emotions are valid and allow your feelings to act as traffic lights. If your feelings are telling you to rest, prioritize yourself and breathe, look at the red light for what it is. Nothing is more important than making sure you’re okay. I’ll take a page out of my good friend’s book and say: “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Make sure you’re okay and if that means putting a few things on hold for 10 minutes, 2 hours or 7 days, do what’s best for you. You deserve it. When you make sure you’re okay, you are also giving the best version of yourself to those who rely on you.

Lastly, if you can’t tell, I’m single on Valentine’s Day this year! However, it doesn’t feel heavy, saddening or disappointing. In this season, I’m learning to prioritize myself and love myself and it’s truly freeing and life-altering. I spent last night trying on makeup, lying under my heated blanket while reading a murder mystery followed by my self-care/night routine and then I ended the night with a cheesy rom-com underneath my heated blanket once more.

If you’re celebrating love (in any form) today, Happy Valentine’s Day worthy individual.

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