A Poem about Self-Love

Happy Self-Love Sunday, today’s post is a little different but I hope you can resonate with this short poem about self-love.

I always thought it strange, the need to journey to find one’s self, to journey to aquatint or reacquaint one’s self with the being who never leaves you.

We are so oversaturated with the thoughts, opinions and presence of others that we must retreat in an effort to acquaint ourselves with the sole person whom we can never escape.

I know a man who fears his own silence, I know a woman who fills her alone time with preparations for upcoming interactions with others, I know a girl who fears her own reflection and a boy whose thoughts haunt him at night.

Why do we catch ourselves fearlessly loving others while terrified to do the same when we ourselves are in need?

Beautiful being, worthy human, you are deserving of the most intimate form of love, the love you give yourself.

The love you so freely give to others deserves to occupy space in your early morning rituals and in the depth of your darkest moments.

The ability to love yourself, openly, unabashedly, fearlessly will allow you to experience and understand love in ways nothing else can.

You are deserving of the chaos of knowing love so intimately you can describe it with the four letter word used to express all things you, self.

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