A Little Bragging

This platform is a space for me to share things that inspire, encourage and motivate me in hopes that my journey will at some point run parallel with someone else’s and I can inspire, encourage and motivate others.

I don’t prefer to share the moments of victory I experience but I think sometimes I rob myself of the joy that comes with acknowledging and sharing these moments so I am no longer going to minimize myself in the hopes that others will shine. If bragging bothers you, this may not be the post for you but the following words are my authentic truth and I wanted to take a break from our regularly scheduled program to do a little bragging.

This season has been difficult for me. Finding myself, being a full-time student, working two jobs while progressing towards graduation left me low, depressed, overwhelmed and anxious. There were weeks when sleep evaded me and weeks when I had no choice but to sleep all day and night. I developed many habits to stay afloat like drinking coffee and constant meditation. Even through the extremely difficult moments, I made it here and I will forever be grateful for the work I put in this year.

Today, I rose with the expectation that I’d be saying goodbye to my 4.0 GPA. I knew that with everything going on, simply passing all my classes would be good enough for me.

This year has taught me so much, but I learned another lesson today. After vocalizing my fears by telling my mom “I’m sure I no longer have a 4.0”, I reluctantly logged onto my school’s website. As I stared at my untouched 4.0 GPA, I realized that I counted myself out before giving myself the chance to be victorious.

Despite witnessing victory after victory, negativity still crept in and claimed the prize before I could step in and take it for myself.

If you find yourself shrinking to negative thoughts or feeling unworthy in rooms full of people you revere please know that you deserve positivity, victory, and success. You have the capacity to win and past losses make the perfect pathway for future victories.

My victory isn’t solely my own, trust me. My mom pushed me to make a 2 week plan that dictated my daily routine down to the minute. I prayed and meditated every single day which helped keep my mental space in a healthy place during the difficult moments. My support system respected my need for space and my inability to give the same level of help I did in previous weeks and I appreciated that more than anything else.

Basically, my point is, I have a 4.0 GPA and I’m so grateful/excited that I wrote a blog post about it and surprisingly, you read it and made it here.

Before I go I have the following to share:

Don’t be afraid to take up space

Don’t allow negativity to make you shrink into roles that do not serve you

You are a victor and all accomplishments count towards maintaining your title.

Don’t be afraid to share your moments of victory and brag a little. I’m already clapping for you

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