The Lesser of Two Evils

Warm tea

The sweet smell of eucalyptus fills the air.


The lover of most things.


The giver of her whole heart.

She waits.

For who or what?,

She does not know.

A soft “rap, rap” at her front door wakes her from her day dream.


Standing empty handed.


Looking desperate.

He smiles.

At her? At the irony of the situation? At his own obvious insecurity?

Perhaps, all three.

He reaches into his pocket with a deep sigh

To reveal a crumbled piece of white notebook paper.

He frowns at it before reluctantly handing it to her and turning to leave.

She smiles, knowing that he loves her,

But also knowing that there may come a day when he doesn’t anymore.

She smiles knowing she’ll survive either way.

The cold air wraps around her body as she watches him walk away.


Minutes pass for she is lost in thought.


The lover of most things, is easily amused.

She stands in the doorway, inhaling eucalyptus essential oils and humming softly admiring his strength.

She need not read the paper,

But out of respect for his valor, she will.

When she returns to her sanctuary, supple and full, she looks down at the paper in her hands

I chose the lesser of two evils

I choose you

Perhaps this is goodbye

“I love you enough to walk away”


She smiles,

Warm tea and warm tears create a sweet and salty amalgam on her lips.

Eucalyptus fills the air.


The giver of her whole heart,


The lover of most things,




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