When Self-Love is Difficult

The past seven days were long, exhausting and difficult (to say the least). I worked 30+ hours, spent all of Wednesday at my grad school orientation, went to class and slept in between, barely sleeping for more than 6 hours a night. It was overwhelming but definitely enlightening.

This week  I missed out on yoga, working out, drinking 72 ounces of water (a day), my weekly face mask ritual and so much more. I’ve been reading a book for two weeks now that would’ve taken me a few days to finish under normal circumstances. The practices that I added to my daily life to ensure I feel loved and fulfilled have been tossed aside as I try to navigate this new rhythm. The positive side of all of this is now that I know, I’ll be better equipped to do.

Next week, I plan to wake up earlier so I can meditate and have a better start to my day. I only ate twice a day last week so this week I will be taking every single lunch break provided to me regardless of whether my store is understaffed or not. I will be leaving class on Wednesday and heading straight to my Hot Yoga class. I will be taking water to work and actually drinking it this week.

I’ve also decided to make the most out of my Sundays. I’ve resolved to writing, reading and face-masking (I know that’s not a word) every Sunday.  It’ll be my time to recharge and reset. My Self-Love Journey and active self-care are extremely important to me. Far more important than a lot of other things. My relationship with God and my relationship with myself are my two greatest priorities. If either of those is failing all my other relationships will follow suit. I can’t pour from an empty cup so I’m moving things around today to make sure that I remain full. I’m putting things into place so that I can fill myself with all that I need to be successful, stress-free, fulfilled and whole.

This week taught me that when Self-Love is difficult we strap on our boots, roll up our sleeves and get to work. We make a list of what is priority to us and find ways to incorporate those things into our days. We don’t move against the new rhythm of the season, we wait until we have internalized it’s consistency and understand its depths then we move with it. I look at it this way, if the wind is shifting the sails we don’t jump ship we adjust, we adapt, and we keep sailing.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Have a great week, you deserve it.

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