Lessons my Family has Taught Me during my Self-Love Journey

I was blessed to spend this weekend with my wonderful family. My maternal grandparents had 3 children and all 3 had exactly 1 boy and 1 girl. My mom is their oldest child and she had me before my brother, making me the oldest of 6 cousins. On Friday night, I drove all the boys to see the latest Spiderman movie. In the middle of the drive I found myself driving UNDER the speed limit. This was a strange realization because I rarely ever drive under the speed limit when I’m driving alone. While I took my time driving to the theatre, I remembered a statistic I heard while in driving school. Side note: I was actually in driving school because I had gotten a speeding ticket.

Anyways, the teacher informed us that the majority of people who get speeding tickets are under the age of 30. He asked us why we thought that was and we learned that the correct answer is, precious cargo. The average adult above the age of 30 isn’t speeding because they’re transporting precious cargo, innocent children who need to be protected.

As I drove the girls to the mall the following day, under the speed limit again, we approach a SUV with a “baby on board, stay off my butt or I’ll kick yours” sticker on the back windshield. It didn’t really say “butt”, it had the 3 letter synonym instead but…this is a family friendly platform. The sticker reminded me that I’d go to war for my family. The passengers in my vehicle never have to worry if their big cousin would kick butt for them, because of them or in their honor. As the oldest of 6, the first born grandchild, I don’t have time to play games. These are my babies and I’ve watched them grow. When the youngest graduates high school I’ll be turning 31. So like I said, these are my babies…and I don’t play about my family.

My Self-Love Journey is about being aware, open, and present. It’s about allowing growth and prosperity as well as healing and forgiveness. This Journey has allowed me to view every relationship through a different light. It is allowing me to objectively view my own actions and habits. It’s allowing me to be a more aware sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece and cousin. I’m still working on altering some of the habits that hold me back from growing so that I can truly be my best self but this newfound awareness is definitely the first step.

Yesterday I decided to make a list of the things that my family is teaching me during my Self-Love Journey. Ofcourse this list is just the beginning but I believe it’s a great place to start.

-it is okay to love the parts of you that are still healing

-my actions matter and have an impact on those around me.

-it’s okay to be afraid

-moments together shape us into our best selves.

-everyone has something to learn & everyone has the ability to teach

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Don’t forget to be grateful for those in your life. Be present and love deeply. Today’s post is going live 4 hours later than usual because I was watching Harry Potter with my cousins instead of editing this post because, well, self-care. Have an amazing week!

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