The Art of Resilience

Sometimes I spend my time, reading books and listening to podcasts to revive my mind and refresh my thoughts when I feel stuck in my own mind and my current position. The words of influential and intelligent people always put me in a better place. A lot of times, hearing affirming and motivating words is all that I need to get back on track.

Being resilient allows me to experience growth after my body and mind have already given up. Being resilient is necessary for my personal growth.

This week I am focusing on resilience.

This week I am being intentional about standing strong and holding on.

I am focusing on having the ability to bounce back no matter what.

I am focusing on being resilient and through this resilience maintaining equilibrium and homeostasis.

Here, I am releasing negativity and persevering…no matter what.

I am listening to and learning from the great minds around me and allowing their resilience to feed my own.

Books and podcasts help me at this phase in my journey through life. Discover or pay attention to what helps you and give yourself exactly that.

Happy Self-Love Sunday! Have a life-altering and mind-blowing week!

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