Consistency, Persistence and Perseverance

My very existence calls for consistency. Consistent growth, consistent change. The passions that burn within me takes up the space fear fights to inhabit. 

My very existence calls for persistence. I have to persist through the moments I feel incompetent. I have to overcome the trials I fear will consume me. 

My very existence calls for perseverance. Being woman and black and full of life and full of awareness and heavy yet light, calls for perseverance. When the world is filled with so much negativity and darkness, it takes perseverance to see the light, it takes perseverance to be the light.

I am yet to be all that I dream I will become, yet everyday consistency, persistence, and perseverance allow me to be better than I was yesterday. I can only compare myself to the person I was yesterday because that is the only way I can truly determine whether I’m growing or not. Comparison is the thief of happiness unless you are using the only ruler that matters. Use the ruler that tells you how much you’ve grown. Compare yourself to older versions of yourself. Allow yourself to be grateful for the progress you have made. 

There will be seasons of your life when the crowd is silent, your support system will fail and all that you’re left with is the internal motivation you may have previously taken for granted. So when all you have left is that still small voice be consistent, be persistent and persevere. Tell yourself yes when everyone around you says no. Be honest with yourself and hold on to your dreams. Set practical goals and reach them. Allow yourself to fail and understand that failure makes room for growth. 

Your existence calls for consistency. Your existence calls for persistence. Your existence calls for perseverance. So feed your growth and don’t be afraid to give yourself exactly what you need. 

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