The Process

Last week I received many affirming words.

Last week I solicited the help of a graphic designer and purchased a logo for my brand.

Last week I encouraged myself.

Last week I submitted a short poem for a competition.

Despite not having enough time to read, and not writing as often as I should I feel overwhelmingly encouraged.

I know I can achieve every goal set before me.

I know the only failure I fear is the type that stems from never trying.

The fact that you fell a couple times as you climbed a mountain side does not take away from the beautiful view you witness, the fresh air you inhale, or the relief you feel when you reach the top.

Stumbling as you climb a mountain side does however teach you how to get up, remind you that it takes work to reach the beautiful things you strive after and it allows you to appreciate the top when you reach it.

And when you reach the top, when you achieve your goal, when you finish that class, when you graduate from that school, when you write that book, when you heal that wound it will be clear that the journey was worth it.

Every single time you stood up after you fell, you were reminding your body that you do not belong on the ground.

Repetition of the same action creates muscle memory so practice getting up. Practice persistence. Create habits of looking to the top of the mountain instead of keeping your eyes low on the ground right in front of you. Keep the goal in mind and as long as you keep getting up, you’ll reach the mountaintop.

I don’t know what your mountaintop looks like but mine is publishing the book I’ve been writing and editing since last year. I’ve stumbled…..a lot, but I’m learning to repeatedly get up every time.

It’s okay to fall.

It’s NOT okay to stay there.

Get up.

Do it.

Your journey isn’t over yet.

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