Learning to Love Others

Happy Self-Love Sunday.

It’s 3:30am in South Africa and my eyelids are very heavy right now…however I wanted to share this.

A lot of times we think of Self-Love as only being beneficial to the person practicing it but the truth of the matter is, those who practice Self-Love are better equipped to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others. Self-Love enables you to love those around you better. It allows you to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It throws away your preconceived notions and begs you to see the God in everyone you meet.

This week make a list of 5 ways you can love those around you better. Once you’ve made the list, begin practicing until they become habits in your daily interactions. Here’s my list:

1. Don’t categorize people

-I like to take one look at people or share a few words with them and then shove them into a box in my head. Sometimes I forget that everyone has unique experiences that make them who they are.

2. Listen to understand and not to respond

-Even though this is one of my pet peeves, I still find myself doing it often. It’s very important to listen to the people to make sure you understand them because you’d want someone to do the same for you.

3. Meet people where they are

-Everyone has had unique experiences that make them who they are so it is important to meet people where they are instead of expecting them to come to you. If you meet everyone where they are then you have the opportunity to learn about them and learn from them while not forcing your assumptions on them.

4. Pray for everyone

-This is a really big one for me because I know that prayer fixes things but sometimes I find myself trying to fix everything myself. When I have a broken relationships or an issue in my life I’m learning to take it to the Lord.

5. Don’t be so quick to cut people off

-I love cutting people off. For me, it’s all about protecting my energy and my space so I’m quick to cut anyone off who isn’t respecting what I need for growth. I’m learning to be more patient so this one will probably be the most difficult one for me.

I’m used to maintaining a small circle of friends because I’m very picky with the energy I surround myself with. However, this week I’m taking a step back and asking myself if I’m limiting my own growth by removing people God has placed in my life. This list will allow me to be a better acquaintance and friend.

What are you going to do to be better this week? Happy Self-Love Sunday. I’ll see you soon!

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