Position and Perspective

Hey!!! Happy Self-Love Sunday!

How was your week? Are you ready for the week ahead?

If you read “Black Boy Joy: The Rainbow of Durags” then you know that I love and admire my younger brother. In the post, I expressed that one post is not enough space for me to express how much I appreciate him. This is not a continuation of my tribute to him HOWEVER, before I gave him his graduation gift last Saturday, I told him that he’s taught me the importance of “Position and Perspective”. I think this idea is really important and I want to share it.

He’s the type of person who never has to worry about what position he ends up in because his perspective will always help him find a way to be successful.

He thrives in every environment because he’s always striving to do and be better. His position is not indicative of his perspective but he allows his perspective to give him a better understanding of his position. If he doesn’t like where he is, he changes what he can and learns to live with what he can’t. He has taught me that though perspective and position work alongside each other, perspective can and usually does determine one’s position. During the times when your position is out of your control and all you can do is alter your perspective, use that time to build mental stamina, learn about yourself and determine ways to elevate yourself out of your current position.

The next time you find yourself in a position that makes you uncomfortable, take a second and consider your perspective. If it is worth it, try to adjust your perspective and see if anything changes. Perspective is everything.

Happy Self-Love Sunday!

See you next Friday!

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