Musing for a Week

About four weeks ago, I started writing on a daily basis. I dedicated 30 minutes or more to being present and existing with my words.

It’s Monday and I’m ready to start once again. I feel so good this morning. I’ve had my breakfast and I’m energized for the day ahead. I don’t necessarily have a lot to write about today but it is most definitely a good morning!

Happy Happy Tuesday! I’m sleepy today. I didn’t really have a restful weekend so I believe that’s truly catching up to me. It feels like the end of the week and it’s only the second day of the work week. Also, for some reason I’m absolutely famished. I’ve eaten my breakfast and now I’ve completely eaten through my snacks that typically last the length of the work day. In this moment, my exhaustion is getting the best of me. I’m trying my hardest to keep my eyes open but sheesh, its difficult today.

It’s day three and I’m experiencing a very very very cold morning but I am grateful. Although I’m a tad bit sleepy today, I’m reading a really nice book that’s making my little heart flutter. I’m enjoying the warmth of the heater at my feet and the promise of a tasty, soon to be devoured breakfast. My puppy was a little anxious this morning and wouldn’t eat her food causing me to be 10 minutes late to my early morning dentist appointment. I absolutely can’t wait for the warmth of Spring to force Winter to release her frosty grip on us! I’m so tired of the warm and then cold. I’m patiently waiting for a warm week, all I’m asking for is SEVEN WHOLE DAYS OF WARMTH!

It’s day four and its a beautiful Thursday morning! I’m so excited for the end of the week! Just one more day until I can finally rest my weary head. Did you know that this June marks 3 years into my loc journey? It felt like a journey at first but now it just feels like life, so its weird to even call it a journey. It feels like dramatizing my current reality. But then again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeing your reality through a rosy lens. I used to be very very intentional about “romanticizing my life”. I think there’s beauty in that and ya know what, it would be nice to get back to making picturesque breakfast sandwiches, coupled with green smoothies. Last night I literally ate tacos while working. I was taking in quick bites in between responding to questions on Zoom from 7:30-9:30pm. That’s a very very very far cry from fancy breakfast sandwiches. However, I do acknowledge that this season is difficult and there’s not much I can do to change that but I won’t allow the busyness of this season to shift my gratitude for life. I don’t have pretty sandwiches to take pictures of, but I do have peace. I haven’t gone on a “hot girl walk” without two dogs pulling me forward in months, but I’m grateful that I have joy. I’m grateful for this season and I’ll romanticize the mundane, and be grateful for the simple things.

Good Morning and Happy Friday! It’s a windy and rainy Friday morning. The sun woke me up this morning and I did ten minutes of yoga so I feel really good in my body this morning. I usually eat really clean during the week and spend the weekends indulging in not-so-clean foods but today I’m feeling inspired to bring my clean eating into Saturday and Sunday! Once I get off work, today is a cleaning day so I’ll finally get to focus my energy on the parts of my physical space I’ve been ignoring. Time to vacuum the couch and get all the dog hair off my wood floors! I’m learning to be okay with acknowledging the days when I don’t feel inclined to write a lot and leaving space for the days when the words don’t seem to stop. Today is a day when the words are few and honestly, I’m okay with that. I journaled yesterday about a crazy nightmare I had the night before and it felt good to write. It felt like inhaling deeply only to realize my body is no longer familiar with that feeling.

Good Day! It is a rainy Monday morning and I’m feeling energized after a ten-minute early morning yoga flow and a ten minute walk. I will say, I am the slightest bit hungry so I’m excited to consume my breakfast. I’m currently listening to two audio books and reading one book. My screen-time was very very high last week so I’m trying to find ways to fill my time that doesn’t involve staring at a phone screen especially since I inevitably have to stare at my computer screen for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’m currently listening to “When Breath Becomes Air”, a neurosurgeons personal account of his personal and career journey to understanding the balance between life and death. I’m also listening to the 5th book in the Harry Potter series (again, because who doesn’t love a refresher…it’s like re-watching your favorite movies/shows). I’m reading “Things we Never Got Over” which is a really light and humorous book which I needed after falling down the thriller, fantasy fiction rabbit hole (I just got to a really spicy section in the book so beware). I have a reading goal of 40 books this year, and I think I’m on track. I didn’t meet the goal of 50 books last year (I only ended up finishing 24 books). In 2021, I read about 20 books in 8 months with an average of 2 books a month but 4 books in September and 5 books in October. But I’m learning that in this season when I have so many other things to juggle, I can’t read as much as I’d like to and I have to give myself grace.

It’s Day Seven!! I’ve enjoyed another week of writing and I am so incredibly proud of myself. This morning I even journaled as soon as I woke up which was of course followed by a ten minute yoga flow. I feel so good in my body this morning especially since I was able to get into the office super early today. I decided to wake up at 6:45 and it was really really nice. I’m currently multitasking by listening to an audiobook, participating in a zoom meeting and writing about said multitasking.

Thanks for reading my words. Writing has always been very important to me and I’m so glad I’ve been able to write consistently for the past four weeks. The overall goal was to break away my monotonous reality and this single task has shifted my entire paradigm. I’m going to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, moving my body more and enjoying my tolerable job just the slightest bit more. Cheers to personal growth and to learning how to find beauty in every season.

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