To Toni Morrison,

To Toni Morrison,


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For the short amount of time I’ve been inspired by your words I know I am ever grateful. I am ever changed. I am more whole because your words filled the gaps. I am more beautiful for witnessing your beauty. I am more capable because I’ve experienced quality literature. I am a better reader because of you. I am a better thinker because of you. I am a better writer because of you. I fell asleep rereading “Beloved” the night before I woke up to news of your passing. My heart was heavy and it didn’t feel possible for your words to be so full of life.

Do we have the pieces of you you wanted to leave behind?

Do you know how far reaching your talented grasp was?

Are we greedy for wanting you to stay on this earth longer?

Are we selfish for only writing our “thank-yous” after your passing?


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