Self-Love Makes Space for Gratitude

Happy Self-Love Sunday!!

If you read my latest post It Is Here then you already have an insight into how my graduation weekend went.

8 days ago, I graduated from college with an Applied Mathematics degree. In my previous post, I began to express my gratitude for the people who carried me through the 4 years while I was in undergrad. This post is specifically dedicated to every person who helped shape me into who I currently am. I am just as grateful for those whose hands molded me in a positive and encouraging way as I am for those whose impact was less than uplifting.

My Self-Love journey is teaching me to appreciate every part of my present and my past. So this is an open letter to every single person who came into my life and shaped me.

Dear All,

Whether your intention was to assist or hinder, your impact shifted the energy of my existence and made me into who I am today.

Maybe your words are a ringing encouragement constantly echoing in my mind.

Maybe your actions are a painful reminder that hurt people hurt people.

I thank you anyway.

I thank you for preparing me for soul work.

I thank you for loving the broken parts of me.

I thank you for showing me the parts of the world that I needed to see.

I know I’m not perfect & I have a lot of work to do but

I thank you for pushing me,

Pushing me to be better


Pushing me away.

I thank you for teaching me about the intricacies of love.

That my love isn’t always meant to save everyone.

That love itself can reach the darkest parts of yourself that you keep hidden.

That love is far more complex than the simplicity of using the word.

Whether your presence in my life was a constant light or a reminder to be the light,

I thank you.

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