Happy Self-Love Sunday!!!!
In less than 13 full days, I’ll be walking across a stage to signify my completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Hours before this amazing event, I get to celebrate my accomplishments with 3 of my amazing cousins, Leon, Ashley and Silvia. This video is a tribute to them.
This Self-Love Sunday I’m grateful for family. I’ve learned that family comes in all shapes and sizes and exactly at the right time. These beautiful humans have taught me a lot more than I could’ve ever asked for and I’m forever grateful.
The journey through Self-Love and Self-Discovery isn’t an easy one but I’m grateful for a support system that has never given up on me. That support system is made up of all of the amazing people who I call family. I couldn’t have made all the progress that I’ve made without them. I’m grateful for their listening ears and loving hearts.
I admonish you to walk into this upcoming week with gratitude and an open heart.
Happy Self-Love Sunday!

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