Self-Love is Difficult

This week, the practice of Self-Love was extremely difficult. I’d love to get on this platform and encourage everyone to stay true to themselves and to work hard but that all sounds like crap right now. I will say this…I did not sink back into the negative and destructive habits this Self-Love journey has brought me past. I did put on a face mask and do yoga almost every day this week. I’m learning that what may feel like a setback is simply just part of the journey. When I wanted to give up, I didn’t and for that, I’m grateful. I am Briana Symone and I’m still learning how to love myself. I’ve made a lot of progress and this journey is teaching me not to give up. Happy Self-Love Sunday! Stand in your growth and be grateful for it! You’re amazing! Don’t ever forget it, no matter where you are in your Self-Love Journey! I practiced Self-Love this week by sleeping in and not going to the gym every morning. Through this action my mind was telling my body that it’s okay to take a break and to need time to recover. Redefine the actions that may feel like setbacks to exemplify how much you’ve grown and are continuing to grow.

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