Self-Love is Painful

This week taught me that Self-Love is painful.

Self-Love is seeing a therapist to handle childhood trauma.

Self-Love is writing a letter to release pent up resentment.

Self-Love is visiting a grandmother who doesn’t remember who you are.

Self-Love is taking care of whatever is tugging at your heart.

Self-Love is the heavy lifting.

Self-Love is cleaning up the mess someone else left in your front yard.

Self-Love is forgiveness and forgiving those who do not deserve it.

Self-Love is forgiving yourself when no one else will.

Self-Love is digging deep enough to heal the pain you suppressed for years.

Self-Love is finding the source of the dark cloud following you around.

Self-Love is painful.

Self-Love is rewarding.

Self-Love is more than bubble bath and face mask.

This week, require more of yourself, you deserve it.

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